Spring Summer Collection 2017

L ebensfreude. This word is a great source of inspiration for me. I remember when I first left home to go to university. The first days I stepped into my new city, I had mixed feelings. On one hand I felt passion, the desire to eat up the world in one bite wanting to embrace the whole city, but I was also afraid. There was a whole new world out there to discover, one where I would meet new people, where I would have to face situations myself and learn, above all, how to LIVE.

Berlin welcomed me with open arms. I experienced a time full of laughter, discoveries and font memories. The city captivated me with its people, streets and historical sites.

Today, several years later, I teach classes at the university in Madrid and I meet young women who´s desire is to become independent as well. Looking at them, reminds me of all those feelings I had myself at their age, that feeling that you are floating. Little by little you fill your life with stories, laughter with your friends, you are going on an adventure … in short: it is the huge desire to LIVE. At this stage of our lives everything is perfect, we are full of hope, challenges, faith in the future and even the clouds seem pink. 

All these feelings and experiences also mark the way we dress. In addition to that strength and energy, the great designers are still present in my permanent source of inspiration and all this is the starting point of this collection. Chanel inspires with its mythical jackets and its great achievement, to challenge the versatility of the garments. In my proposals these versatile garments are embodied in designs that resist trends and seasons year after year and that can be accompanied with jeans as well.

The tissues are diverse. Wool, for example, is Chanel type, molding the body. In contrast, other fabrics such as gauze and silks give way to designs that are fluid, light and vaporous in pastel shades. They are fabrics you can´t miss in a collection that show freedom and the joy of life. They are toped with embroideries to give them sparkle and light.

All these versatile textiles, colors and garments reflect the beautiful world of youth, adventure and freedom in which young women live their experience outside our borders. Like in my case, it was Berlin, a city so bucolic, eternal and full of life. For you it might be London, Rome Paris, New York or Madrid. A stage in which you will write your own history.



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