The Lost Art of Embroidering is Making a Comeback.

“I’ve always loved dressing carefully designed garments, crafted by experienced hands using high end fabrics. With those principles in mind I founded Kerstin Krause Madrid” 

Kerstin Krause 

Kerstin Krause is born with a deep appreciation for old European craftsmanship.

Our philosophy is to empower women through beautifully designed, high quality garments by sourcing special cloth mills which make exquisite textiles. This takes us travelling to many countries with a strong heritage in producing the finest fabrics with the newest technologies like Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France. Our manufacturing is also focused to only Italy and Germany since we believe the quality of these top workshops are synonymous with our brand.

Our clients are hard working, disciplined women who set high goals for themselves in all walks of life therefore we make it our aim to dress these women equal to their elevated standards.




The beginnings of Kerstin Krause are in Couture, making custom made dresses for special occasions. Our love for embroidery has always been present in these garments, we have had to work hard to resource the best European embroiders still available even though it’s a dying craft. Our aim is to preserve this art form which is so enriching to achieve beautiful and unique pieces.



Prêt à Couture

Following on our Couture experience we are creating small collections of Prêt à Couture garments. Since we can’t wear Couture everyday, this collection has all the features of it but in a Prêt à Porter manner which you can include in your everyday wardrobe. These garments are easily combined even with jeans and sneakers.




Our weekend line is focused on the idea that in our days off we don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. It is also manufactured with the highest standards in Italy and with our unique textiles from our European providers.

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